Platform Timeline


September 2018

18 EU-ASEAN Partnership on circular economy endorsed by ASOEN


Early 2019

Gap-analysis study on plastics and circular economy conducted with support from E-READI, recommends establishing a regional information sharing platform

October 2019

Gap-analysis report launched at the ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on the Environment (AMME), Siem Reap, Cambodia


Early 2020

Feasibility study for an ASEAN CE Platform, identifying ACSDSD as most suitable hosting institution

July 2020

Agreement on ACSDSD as host institution for the ASEAN CE Platform

November 2020

Strategy paper for the ASEAN CE Platform shared with relevant ASEAN Working Groups


Throughout 2021

Preparatory activities for the launch of the ASEAN CE Platform


August 2022

One full time officer hired for the CE Platform Secretariat

14-15 September 2022

Strategic Scoping Workshop for the CE Platform and inauguration of the CE Platform Secretariat at the ACSDSD

5 December 2022

ACSDSD’s Governance Council endorsed the progress report 2022 and tentative work plan 2023 of the ASEAN Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform