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Making Circular Economy Work for Business and Industry
30 November 2023
30 November 2023
Location: Zoom Meeting
Country: Multi-Country
Type: Conference, LIVE Virtual, Webinar
27 November 2023
29 November 2023
Location: Sky Hall Seaside Cebu, Philippines
Country: Philippines
Type: Conference
ASEAN CE FORUM 2023 Paving ASEAN’s path to a carbon-neutral circular economy
8 November 2023
9 November 2023
Location: The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Mega Kuningan, Indonesia
Country: Indonesia
Type: Forum

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Knowledge Hub

Towards a Unifying Framework for Business Action for the Circular Economy in ASEAN
This business engagement paper positions circular economy as an innovation and co-creation framework to break the dependence of products and services on the unsustainable use of natural resources which is…
The Circular Economy: A Study on the Use of Airbnb for Sustainable Coastal Development in the Vietnam Mekong Delta
The circular economy idea has gained popularity due to its solution-focused approach to converting available resources into a closed-loop resource system. Coastal resources, however, appear to be disregarded in the production…
The Unique Case Study of Circular Economy in Vietnam Remarking Recycling Craft Villages
Vietnam’s GDP is expected to develop quickly among the ASEAN-5 nations in 2023 and 2024. The nation is positioned to wager on a Circular Economy (CE), a widespread phenomenon for…
Circular Economy Strategies in the ASEAN Region: A comparative study
The circular economy, or CE, is a sustainable development paradigm that minimises environmental impacts while promoting economic growth through resource efficiency, closed-loop systems, and waste reduction. As the detrimental effects…